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Testimonials and Reviews from Customers

GigaTuxI'm writing to thank you for fantastic service that we've received over the last 2 years and would definitely recommend your service to others. You probably don't get many compliments so I thought I'd take the time and ensure that the communication, up-time, performance, flexibility and responsive to customer service requests were excellent. 

Chris Harris,


GigaTuxThank you for all your great service, I just wanted to say that you guys have been outstanding as far as VPS services go. The uptime has been above and beyond. Overall very awsome service and we will defintly keep you in mind in the future. Thanks for the great service and customer support. 

Brian Robinson,


GigaTuxGigaTux is an excellent VPS provider. They provide superb and quick support and takes their responsibility seriously. 

Christian, Norway,


GigaTuxGigatux is exceptional in every way - ­fantastic servers at great prices, and customer support that is second to none. Highly recommended. 

Paul Coxwell,


GigaTuxI've been using Gigatux to look after my email service and hosting needs. They really look after their customers which means I can look after mine! Response time to emails is incrediblly prompt and nothing is too much trouble. Competitive pricing usually comes at a sacrifice, but this is not the case here - customer support, features and performance is superb. Very highly recommended. 

Alistair Ceurvorst,


GigaTuxBeen a long customer of GigaTux and their service never disappoints me. There's LOTS of hosting companies these days, trying to promise everything, only failing in executing their promise. GigaTux is certainly not one of them, giving me a quality uptime, quick & VERY friendly support. But one thing that will certainly last in my mind is how tight their security is. I can certainly testify to that, seeing as how I got blacklisted MORE than once for forgetting my own password! 

Gagah Putra Arifianto,


GigaTuxCheap prices and exceptional technical support make this a fantastic choice for hosting. 

Jamie Wade,


GigaTuxI have only had good experiences with GigaTux. The uptime is great, the support is fantastic, and the prices are affordable and reasonable. The services are optimized to fit whatever your needs are, and it is a great host. Thank you! 

Ellie Beahm,


GigaTuxHad VPS with GigaTux for over a year and had no problems - reliable service and both speedy and helpful support. Recommended! 

Ian Chilton,


GigaTuxI have not used the VPS much but I have used it for simple things such as running a small Teamspeak 3 server and it works great! It's fast and efficient. Definitely a reliable VPS provider. If I ever need a bigger VPS I will definitely use GigaTux.  

Vincent Yiu,


GigaTuxVery reliable host, I've never had an issue with server availability or it even going offline for a minute, their support is also outstanding and I'd recommend them to anyone. Their servers are always quick and aren't oversold, what's more is they actually care about their clients and they go above and beyond to make sure your servers remain online and you remain happy! 

Karl Robinson,


GigaTuxGigaTux offered just what we needed in a VPS and our tech team has been full of praise. When we twice changed the order and forgot to cancel the previous order through Google Checkout, Marc and his team did not only go out of the way to help us correct our mistake and refunded our double charged amount instantly, they were the ones that notified us about our mistake. The customer service of GigaTux is very personal and makes you feel special. I can highly recommend their services. 

Arild Klokkerhaug,


GigaTuxGigaTux has been a great VPS provider, and have sorted all my support queries quickly, efficiently, and above all, personally. I would definitely recommend them to others wishing to run their own VPS. 

Richie Jarvis,


GigaTuxSupport was always helpful and with good vibes. Always. With this last VPS everything worked perfectly. 

Bruno De Leone,


GigaTuxGigaTux is a wonderful host. They provide you with great service, both server wise and support wise. It's hard to find that with other hosts but Gigatux is that wonderful exception. I thank them with their patience with all the questions I had with my hosting package. Very grateful with all the help I receive and continue to receive. Their support is quick and they fix anything you might be having trouble with within hours! Servers are fast and haven't given me any major trouble. I'm one satisfied customer!  

Moni R.,


GigaTuxI've been using quite a few different VPS providers before I settled with GigaTux and I must say that they offer the best service and support I can find. GigaTux would certainly be my first choice if I ever need any hosting service in the future. Thanks GigaTux! 

Badrul Hisham Abdul Razak,


GigaTuxI'm happy with the service I got with GigaTux, the support is one of the best I have received so far. If I ever need to refer someone to a VPS provider you can be sure I will refer them to you. 

Robin Houtevelts,


GigaTuxGigaTux is one of the only UK based hosts I have seen that allows IRC networks. Thanks to GigaTux for providing me with a vps to run some IRC bots on. I like the network and I have not had any down time when I have been with them and it looks like all ports are open . 

David Weir,


GigaTuxWe have been using GigaTux's VPS from Finland and GigaTux is the only VPS provider outside of Finland who has been able to provide such a superior reliability and a network with an extremely high performance. In an addition to that the customer service has been outstanding - not once have we had to wonder what's going on on our VPS. We could not imagine anything better than the exact service that GigaTux provides us. 

Kalle Kuronen,


GigaTuxI was a bit wary of signing up for a VPS, being a web code geek with no prior Linux or apache experience, but with the support of GigaTux I managed to go from no hosting to self managed hosting in a matter of a couple of days. The learning curve was steep, but with almost instant support responses all issues were ironed out quickly. In fact most of the setup time was spent researching on various configs. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend GigaTux for those willing to put a little time into their hosting requirements and wanting to save money over shared hosting solutions. And if you already know how to configure a VPS then choosing GigaTux should be a no brainer. 

Matt Short,


GigaTuxThings are going excellent actually :) I haven't had a single problem at all. Speed is excellent and you've by far got the best control panel I've ever used. Your OS install option is by the most stable I've had; other providers just simply doesn't work :) Think I shall be sticking with you guys for a while, thanks very much!! 

James Chamberlain,


GigaTuxI am impressed by your considerate customer service. Though I have to abandon the VPS at the present because of slow connection speed from China to the VPS [this affects the whole of the UK], I still hope that your company will have servers in America and the connection speed from China will be much improved. I won't forget GigaTux and I will pay attention to the development of GigaTux, because you are supporting Linux, including my favorite, Mandriva Linux. Thanks! 

Jiang Yike,


GigaTuxVery short lead time, had the service very soon after ordering. Uptime seems to be very good as well. Definitely considering extending the service.  

Michael Compton,


GigaTuxGigaTux allows to run our Web 2.0 applications faster. Best price-quality for Linux servers. Thanks to GigaTux for helping us to get the best performance for our customers. 

Arturo Fernandez,


GigaTuxYou are always offering timely maintenance and patient responses, so I am always quite pleased. Thank you for your excellent service. 



GigaTuxI was drawn to GigaTux because of the unique packaging of their services and I can say that I have not been disappointed at all. And to top it all, Marc has been very responsive to my queries and requests :) :) 

Vasudevan Raghavachari,


GigaTuxThe VPS is awesome so far. I used to host some Xen servers myself in another datacenter but they kept putting their prices up so I decided to move my sites over the pond to the states to try and save some money in these hard times. The latency with your selves is coming in at 15ms!!! Thanks for all the help so far. I have certainly made the right choice by choosing Gigatux. I am very impressed with the service this was certainly a professional and fast delivery. In coming months I may even look at moving my USA VPS's over to your selves. 

Greg Langford,


GigaTuxI'm really satisfied with the customer service I'm getting from GigaTux, just thought I'd let you know. Everything appears to be in working order, so again, thanks so much! I've only been shared hosting right up until R******n [hosting company], and the service I got from them was horrible compared to the service that I'm getting from GigaTux. Come the day that I have to give up on my VPS again (and hopefully, that will not be for a while longer), I'm actually going to feel like I've let down a great company. 

Aimee Lynn,


GigaTuxMy company uses a great deal of hosting, and we have been quite impressed with GigaTux. Their order fulfillment process is very smooth and their customer service group is highly responsive. We had an excellent experience with GigaTux and strongly recommend them. 

Mark Patterson,


GigaTuxDive in headfirst. GigaTux will deliver! Your VPS needs are in capable hands here. Customer support is outstanding, and there is always a listening ear and a timely solution for everything. 

D. Willems,


GigaTuxThe VPS served me well, and your service was excellent. I had no special problems what so ever with the VPS, the pricing if also fair. My current use for the VPS concluded, and if i will have a need in the future I'd probably consider your services again. 

Gilad BA,


GigaTuxI've been with GigaTux for over a year now and I can only echo the previous posters' comments: great customer service, tech support and advice. I've been hosting a http and a mail server on 2 VPSs and have had excellent uptime on both of them. I plan to build some web applications on separate VPSs in the future and will definitely have GigaTux host them. 

Jeroen Nieboer,


GigaTuxGigatux is a great VPS provider. You will not feel like you're lost in the needs of a million customers when you communicate with them (even if you're using one of their small packages), and Marc is a very responsive and helpful guy (the fact that I can point to a specific person is one of the reasons should serve to highlight this point). And of course, their prices seem to be at the low end of the scale for VPS providers. Low price and good service and support just so happens to follow each other in this case. 

Palle Raabjerg,


GigaTuxEverything is great... I have been very happy with the level of support both the speed of the replies and the well written answers. 

Jonathan Christison,


GigaTuxGigatux VPS are the most reliable servers. I had zero downtime, and the staff are great people. Although you haven't so much RAM, the virtual server goes very fast. 

Francesc Bruguera,


GigaTuxHaving been with Gigatux for well over a year my company and myself have found Gigatux's vps's to be of the highest quality with very few problems. Marc is one hell of a guy as well, and we look forward to doing more business with Gigatux as we continue to grow. The price might be abit on the higher side, but your getting what your paying for which is dependability, not oversold, and awesome customer service. 

Tim Thomas,


GigaTuxI've been using Gigatux for my VPS hosting now for two years... and have had simply no issues and a great service from them. I was initialy attracted to them as I love Gentoo and they were one of the few hosts to offer the OS. Gigatux have provided me with tech support and advice above and beyond that which i've experienced at other hosts. And in a significantly shorter turnaround time than any of the larger hosts. Two thumbs from me... Keep up the good work Gigatux. I would (and have) recommend them to anyone.... 

Scott Alexander,


GigaTuxI've been using a GigaTux Vps for hosting some git repositories for around 8 months and have been very pleased with them so far. They are a small company and so are quick to respond to support queries with very technically competent staff. I haven't had any problems with reliability and they appear very flexible with what you can do with the service. 

Neil Roberts,