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Turnkey Linux VPS with GigaTux

GigaTux is proud to offer Turnkey Linux as a distribution that can be automatically installed, and reinstalled, on all VPS packages. GigaTux provides excellent support, is very flexible to your needs and provide a guaranteed 99.9% SLA. Customers are always happy after choosing a VPS from us and we can usually set up your VPS within 24 hours.

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About TurnKey Linux

Turnkey Linux is an open source project that's developing a family of free, Ubuntu-based software appliances which are optimized for ease of use in server-type usage scenarios and can be deployed in just a few minutes on bare metal, a virtual machine and in the cloud.

In a nutshell, we believe everything that can be easy, should be easy!

Packaging a solution as a software appliance can be incredibly useful because it allows you to leverage guru integration skills to build ready to use systems (I.e., turn key solutions) that just work out of the box with little to no setup.

Appliances Supported

GigaTux supports all Turnkey Linux appliances on its VPS solutions. These can be automatically installed to your VPS from the DTC control panel interface. You can choose from the following appliances:

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