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Alpine Linux 2.5.4 VPS with GigaTux

GigaTux is proud to offer Alpine Linux 2.5.4 as a distribution that can be automatically installed, and reinstalled, on all VPS packages. GigaTux provides excellent support, is very flexible to your needs and provide a guaranteed 99.9% SLA. Customers are always happy after choosing a VPS from us and we can usually set up your VPS within 24 hours.

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Alpine Linux

Alpine Linux is a security-oriented, lightweight Linux distribution. Its overriding priorities are to be small, simple and secure, which is particularly useful when placed on a VPS performing a specific task requiring high reliability.

Alpinh Linux has proactive security features, such as PaX and SSP, that prevent security holes from being exploited. Alpine Linux uses the uClibc C library and all of the base tools from BusyBox.

Once you have installed Alpine Linux, contact us so that we can switch your kernel to the grsec one provided with Alpine Linux.

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London, UK

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Ping IPs: (IPv4) , 2607:f128:40:1700::2 (IPv6)
Download Test: 10 MB, 100 MB
RAID Level: RAID-10

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