Nice uptime and Gentoo

April 14th, 2007

We like to consider our service reliable, but obviously as a new company, this can be difficult to prove. However, we're happy to announce that we have not had to reboot our server since launch and today tallied 50 days uptime! Of course, we don't see any reason why this shouldn't keep rising.

All customers are now able to automatically reinstall Gentoo 2006.1 on their VPSs. This is added to the current auto-reinstall options for Debian Sarge and Debian Etch.

We're up and running!

February 22nd, 2007

Our first server was brought down to London Docklands yesterday and it has now been installed! All preorders are being processed and should be activated this evening, and we can now set up accounts soon after your request is received. All seems to be running well and we're getting good bandwidth out of the server. So, if you've been waiting for us to properly launch in order to choose a package, now's your chance!

Telecity Redbus
Our servers are hosted in here!

All functionality completed

February 13th, 2007

We're proud to announce that all functionality required from our users' perspective is working on our server. We are using the Domain Technologie Control software to allow our users administrative facilities for their VPS. This essentially is a front end for services such as starting/stopping VPSs, reinstalling the operating system or accessing the console for your VPS. GigaTux has provided a few patches to the DTC project, improving its compatibility with Debian Etch and adding some functionality.

DTC Client console
Client console

DTC Admin console
Admin console

All that is left now is to improve the security of the server and ensure any issues, e.g. hard disk failures, are reported to us automatically. We are hoping to install the first server at the beginning of next week, but are presently awaiting a response from our colocation service. Testing is being performed on the DC++ site.

Server has arrived

January 27th, 2007

We've finally received our first 1U server case and gave it a quick hardware test! Some of the hardware in the picture below is obviously not what's going to end up in the case (as you can see, I don't think the CPU fan will fit!), but the case hardware all works as expected. It's worth noting that we will probably be buying a Core 2 Duo processor now instead of an Athlon 64 X2 because of the price/performance ratio and nice, large cache sizes.

Things are also running slightly behind schedule, so we won't have the server hosting in London Docklands until early February. Most of the software has been set up, but the installation needs to be further tested and the remaining bits of hardware need to be installed. We'll keep everyone informed and definitely let you know when our server is properly up and running!

GigaTux open

December 13th, 2006

Details of VPS offerings have now been published and GigaTux is accepting preorders.